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Costasiella usagi are sea slugs that live near Okinawa, Singapore, and the Philippines, eating a diet of green algae.

This Sea Slug Looks Like A Day-Glo Sheep And Can Photosynthesize Its Own Food. Costasiella kuroshimae is a tiny species of sea slug that is commonly known as Kuroshima’s Avrainvillea Slug.

Sea slug * Cyerce elegans ;)

Giant sea worm, a giant worm of death apparently. Bobbit Worm. Who lives in the…

Sea Pen A graceful creature of the seafloor, sea pen resembles a plump, old-fashioned quill pen. They live possibly as long as 15 years. They grow to 60 cm (24 in).

A large nudibranch (about 2 inches) commonly known as a Blue Dorid nudibranch, although this is the common natural coloration (purplish). Photographed off Mainit Point near the dive resort community of Batangas, southern Luzon island, Philippines.

a very colorful Nudibranch Mollusk | photo by Ricardo Araujo