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EC as a template to use with anything you wish for. ADD your Switchwords , Defusing Words and more numbers , Bach Flowers, Homeopathic Remedies etc.....Whatever you wish to work on. You may use it as it is with just your name and DOB or photograph placed on it. Welcome 2016 .......HALFWAY-EASE-BE.

Angelic Number 808 - Take care of your finances inside a radionic amplifier energy circle. Keep it around to start making more money right now.

Relax and look at it with the tv, phone and radio off for 5 minutes breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.

How to charge ECs

Improve finances and flow abundance into your life. Bring a new project, job opportunity or promotion into the offering, which will garner financial gains and rewards. Use your personal strengths, a positive attitude and progressive action to reap rewards of all kinds in your life.

Numbers for Fixing Health / Cleansing the body

Great diagram on how to draw --Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen-- The very powerful and somewhat complex, Reiki Symbol for Distance Healing. This is one to learn for it expands your healing potential greatly. I was taught to use it for self healing as well, so you handle all layers of auric field and all soul aspects ❤tami

Archangels Cheat Sheet from Reiki Rays