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Naruto - Has two animes. I need to finish of watching Naruto Shippuden and the manga. Has a lot of filters in the anime.

連載完結記念 岸本斉史 NARUTO-ナルト-展(森アーツセンターギャラリー) | HAPPY PLUS ART(ハピプラアート)

Minato & Kushina <3

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OMG why does he look so sad )=, my poor baby come here, I'll give you a big hug, then we can watch Disney movies while eating junk food together sound good.

Naruhina Sasusaku Naruto Boruto Kawaii

Naruhina Sasusaku Naruto Boruto Kawaii

Lol Sasuke is torn between joining the hug and maintaining his cool stoic manner xD

Naruto Uzumaki! °Shippuden° Poder de Chakra: Rasengan!