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Viking age / Haithabu Museum

Carolingian cup from the Vale of York hoard 9th century The Vikings loved to hoard. The patterns on this big cup, which twist and gyre ornately as you revolve it, were created in the Carolingian empire but a Viking used it to bury a hoard of silver and gold in the Vale of York. The cup was buried in the earth with the precious things inside it - they came from as far away as Afghanistan, proving how far the Vikings traded.

Viking Embroidery

Did you know that the first men from Europe born in America was a Viking called Snorri? And that we have found in a Viking grave a figure of Buddha made in India? Do you know that the Vikings made a graffiti in hagia Sophia, Istanbul?

Different ways to hang your sword

Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen - Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalen as a Gardener

Widukindmemorial Herford Widukind (Modern German: Widuking or Wittekind) was a Germanic leader of the Saxons and the chief opponent of the Frankish king Charlemagne during the Saxon Wars from 777 to 785. Charlemagne ultimately prevailed, organized Saxony as a Frankish province and ordered conversions of the pagan Saxons to Roman Catholicism. In later times, Widukind became a symbol of Saxon independence and a figure of legend.

Details from the Mammen clothes at the Nationalmuseet, DK (10th century viking chief)