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Still in the SP-Fandom ke ke ke Got a request on tumblr and someone asked me to give clyde another try. And well... I did it. Second time drawing him so I am still unsure about how I personally ima...

I just had the stupidest day, I just... rggh, ugh. =^= This is a thing I drew. sadfais

South park

Craig, Stan, & Wendy ~ wonder who's the third wheel in this trio

Kenny, Mysterion and Princess Kenny (@ao_asahi) | Twitter

South Park by sujk0823 on DeviantArt

The Boys & Craig's gang ~ chibi style

South Park - Damien Thorn x Pip Pirrup - Dip

South Park - Damien Thorn x Pip Pirrup - Dip

サウスパーク落書き~ ヴァンパイアバターズ/ S8E10幼稚園 跟朋友在研究Butters的頭髮到底是只有頭頂那塊還是怎樣,後來還是自我解讀成這樣了,但還是好難畫(爆炸)必須練習的... 然後5歲小孩好難畫,畫完自己大爆笑 (tranlation: サ ウ su Ailuropoda ー ku fall book ki ~ ヴ B A nn pa ba イ ア center have DANGER / S8E10 Kindergarten Butters with friends in the study of hair in the end is only a piece of the head or what, was still self interpreted as such, it is still very difficult Videos (explosion) must exercise ... Then 5-year-old child is very difficult to draw, own largeバロ×忙しい (@ao_asahi)…

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