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Batgirl hanging wit friend by Syncro01 on deviantART



If you’re both new to this, make sure the person you’re tying up knows what you’re about to do. Don’t scare anybody ‘til you know that’s their thing. Have your bottom (the person getting tied up) tell you if something feels too tight, or weird, or just plain wrong. If you can’t jam a finger or two underneath the tie, it’s too tight. Practice RACK — Risk Aware Consensual Kink.

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股縄、・・・とっても淫らよ。はあ〜もう私・・・いいこと、 私を喜ばせるのよ・・・解かっているわよね、どうしたら喜ぶか・・・ 女装緊縛されたその身体を股縄に責められ、腰をくねらせながら猿轡の下から淫らな嗚咽を漏らし、私の前で果てるのよ、さあ、ハア〜