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Sashiko jeans knee repair

This is connected to the Boro clothing style, in which clothing is patched and repaired to extend its life in an artistic way. Inspiring!

Indigo denim boro mending. "Indigo" from the Greek "indicon"= India. the plant dye has been used for 4,000 yrs in the East. Denim originated in two places: the French town of Nîmes, hence 'denim'; and in India, where denim trousers were worn by the sailors of Dhunga, came to be known as dungarees. The word "jeans" comes from the French phrase "bleu de Gênes", literally the blue of Genoa. during the Renaissance, denim was sold through the harbour of Genoa, made near Turin Italy.

にいがた銀花+チクチクちく針仕事の会 niigata ginka+Association of chiku-chiku needle workの画像|エキサイトブログ (blog)

Patches on patches - darn it all by knitting iris, via Flickr

boro stitching japanese mending

Flame sock darn. Not entirely happy. Very happy that it's so conspicuous, but the downside is you can see my errors. I didn't catch some of my warps; working from the other side was hard to see them- you are supposed to darn from the back of the item. And my rows were a little far apart, or my darning wool was on the thin side, depending on how you look at it. Either way, the result is the same: a little thin, though this has strengthened a very thin, worn sock considerably.