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文字移植 - 行草書法解析 moji. Japanese calligraphy cursive.

文字移植 ahhhh fuku you too.....

コトホギデザイン | 東京都杉並区・デザイン事務所 | 実績紹介 | LOGO(CI / VI) | 自主制作

Tanka poems by Lady Yosano Akiko 与謝野晶子 (1878-1942), Japan 君こひし寝てもさめても黒髪を梳きても筆の柄をながめても "While sleeping, / waking, / combing my black hair, / looking at my stem of a writing-brush, / I just missing you." (Calligraphy by Mariko Kinoshita)

書道家・武田双雲 公式ブログ『書の力』

DSC04620 by moderntime, via Flickr. As seen in 帽儿胡同 Mao’er Hutong, near 南锣鼓巷 Nanluoguxiang. bookstore/tea house. In the Traditional character for book 書 (书 for those of you following in Simplified),the English word “book” replaces the bottom half of the character,while in the second character for tea 茶,the word “tea” fills in.

Calligraphy by 花 "flower" by Hiroyuki NAKAJIMA, Japan 中嶋宏行