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Tibetan thankga Maitreya Buddha

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Mahakala known as Gonpo in Tibetan was originally a demon, who was tamed by Manjushree and Avalokiteswora and turned into a fierce protector of Buddhism, belonging to the Dharmapalas. This important spiritual protector deity is also known as "the lord of the wind", and "the great black one", a great guardian of the Dharma.

A Jain Tantric Diagram with Pratyangira India, Rajasthan, 17th Century

Vajravarahi: Dorje Phakmo, the Diamond Sow, a fierce aspect of Vajrayogini, regarded as the queen of the dancing, wrathful dakinis. Vajravarahi represents passion and compassion, and ignorance as well as the wisdom of the all-encompassing matrix from which all phenomena unfold. She appeared to Padmasambhava in The Rugged Forest of Parushakavana charnel ground, and blessed him.

amyipaguana: Chenrezig Mandala (Esoteric Black Thangka)

This Thangka shows the "Bardo", described in detail in the famous "Tibetan Book of the Dead". This shows the various forms of the deities who manifest themselves to the subtle consciousness of the person during the between state after death and before birth. Here the Buddha Vajrasattva is depicted holding a Mandala in his hands which shows 34 peaceful Bardo goddesses. This Mandala is held like a mirror in front of the deceased person. A second Mandala on top shows 58 wrathful Bardo…