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Goats love to climb the argan trees and eat the fruits. Unfortunately, they damage the tree so it's best to keep them away from it. The old traditional way of harvesting argan oil was to collect the seeds from the goats droppings. Not so common any longer but it's important to know where you buy your argan oil from.

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Stay out of the trees! Goats love to eat argan fruit and are probably on their way to the next meal.

morocco's tree goats...they were utterly amazing. I made our driver stop for at least 10 minutes so I could see how they got up there. Never did.

Yes, goats like to eat the fruit of the argan tree but unfortunately they can destroy it too.

tree climbing goats Have you ever seen tree climbing goats? Apparently goats on the trees is a common thing in Morocco. Moroccan goats unbelievably easy get on the highest tops of argan trees to reach so loved fruit similar to olives

In the southwest of Morocco, goats climb trees. And it's not a case of the odd unruly goat scrambling up a trunk for the sake of mischief. You could easily find a dozen goats standing on the branches of a single tree. The trees in question are Argania spinosa, or argan, a species endemic to Morocco and a small region of western Algeria. Goats are drawn to the argan's fruit, which ripens in June each year

Sprouting argan seedlings! Argan trees are not easy to grow and efforts to re-plant then are challenging.

Ripe argan fruit hangs on the tree right before the harvest!

These are dried argan fruits. Berber women were the first to discover argan oil for it's medicinal and cosmetic qualities