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China’s Lost Civilization: The Mystery of Sanxingdui-slide2

虎卣 中国・西周時代 紀元前11世紀 京都・泉屋博古館蔵

China - Bronze bird unearthed at Sanxingdui

Sanxingdui Culture, Sanxingdui Cultural Relics Site

Sanxingdui was a Bronze Age civilization that flourished in China’s fertile Sichuan Basin for several hundred years before mysteriously disappearing around 1100 or 1200 B.C. Around the same time, a similar civilization sprang up in Jinsha, some 30 miles from Sanxingdui.

A 3,000-year-old bronze statue found in the village of Sanxingdui, China. (Shutterstock)

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Sanxingdui culture bronze head artifact, State of Shu (蜀), an ancient state in what is now Sichuan, China. Shu was based on the Chengdu Plain, in the western Sichuan basin. This independent Shu state was conquered by the state of Qin in 316 BC, but recent archaeological discoveries at Sanxingdui and Jinsha thought to be sites of Shu culture indicate the presence of a unique civilization in this region before the Qin conquest.