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1girl armlet artist_name bare_shoulders black_legwear blue_eyes boots bracelet breasts butterfly center_opening earrings elf forest gia hair_ornament hairclip jewelry long_hair looking_at_viewer nature original pointy_ears scabbard sheath silver_hair sitting solo sword thigh-highs thigh_boots tree weapon

Gemini Elf

Erza​​ X Jellal,フィートカップル,アニメカップル,知られているアニメ,Jellal X Erza,Tail Jellal,Tail Shipps,Tail Ii,Jerza Moments

Leona Heidern The King Of Fighters by on @DeviantArt

オタクマニアのAaああ,スーパーの女性,ローグXmen,Beuty,コンセプト,Mania A A Ahh 23Rd,Vic'S Ladies,Rogue Xmen,Uh

Happy New Year! by sonnyaws on DeviantArt

「冬の通学路」/「刃天」のイラスト [pixiv]

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