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Pink Moon Knot-Wrap: This silky fabric wrap is made from two recycled plastic bottles, and will make a delightfully spooky (and environmentally friendly) gift wrap or colorful accessory.

Ooh Lollipop Knot-Wrap: Care to wrap gifts to perfection with this Knot-Wrap confection? This gorgeous gift wrap is made with silky Greenspun fabric, a completely recycled material made from plastic bottles.


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The Kite Knot-Wrap: Not only will your gift look bright and cheery when wrapped in this silky fabric, you can rest easy knowing you're taking it easy on the environment too!

ラッシュ レイヤーケーキ

Mum gift - This bright and colorful gift is filled with fragrant delights that no Mum should be without.

みつばちマーチ-ソープ<バス&シャワー>ラッシュ -

Gnome In The Rhubarb Knot-Wrap: Wrap up Mom’s gift with this colorful and vibrant Knot-Wrap.

Butterbear Knot-Wrap: Beary cool knot wrap that can be used again and again as gift wrap, or as an accessory!