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This is the “Asuka Great Buddha -飛鳥大仏” statue inside the main hall of the Asuka-dera (飛鳥寺) in Nara. According to pamphlet you receive at the entrance, it is the oldest Buddha statue in Japan. It was cast in 609 AD by Kuratsukuri no Tori (Also known as Tori Busshi-止利仏師) by request of Empress Suiko (推古天皇) and Prince Shōtoku (聖徳太子). #AsukaDera, #飛鳥寺, #Nara, #Asuka, #明日香村, #AsukaGreatBuddha, #飛鳥大仏

Bernini's Baldachino - St Peter's Basilica, Vatican, Rome, Italy

Japanese National Treasure, Hanka Shiyui statue 半跏思惟像(中宮寺)

Tokugawa Ieyasu - grave in Tōshō-gū

Shaka sanzon (Shaka triad) seated statue, (national treasure), the principal image of the Kami-no-mido hall of Horyu-ji Temple

Today, I went with a friend to a quiet village in the mountainous area of Nara prefecture, Asuka Mura. Time seems to almost be standing still there. It’s so peaceful and tranquil, although it's a bit spruced up for today's tourist according to my friend who was last here 15 years ago. When there where no omiyage shops etc. The entrance to Asuka-dera (飛鳥寺) in Asuka Mura Village in Nara! It is widely accepted as the oldest temple in Japan.

Close up of a sitting wooden statue of Maitraya, Prpperty of Koryu-ji temple, National Treasure of Japan 広隆寺弥勒菩薩半跏像左半面相 国宝

The Hondō of the Oka-dera (岡寺) in Asuka Mura (明日香村) in Nara. An inscription on the central ridgepole dates the raising of the ridgepole to 1805. Construction of the Hon-dō (本堂) took about 30 years. Many important cultural heritage treasures are on display inside this hall, including a large statue of Nyoirin Kannon. #OkaDera, #岡寺,#AsukaDera, #飛鳥寺, #Nara,

Japanese National Treasure, Seated statue of Bhaisajyaguru(Yakushi Nyorai) 薬師如来坐像(法隆寺)

This is the Sanjū hōtō, three-tiered pagoda of Oka-dera (岡寺) in Asuka Mura (明日香村) in Nara. It was built in 1472 following a devastating typhoon that destroyed the previous pagoda and it was extensively renovated in 1986. #OkaDera, #岡寺,#AsukaDera, #飛鳥寺, #Nara,