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He couldn't feel his legs, but his hands were more than ready to tug at the ropes. He needed to escape. Quickly.


15 Sublime Photos That Capture Life's Most Fragile Moments

"I'm so sorry...," he whispered. "It's ok," she murmured sadly, "Rest now soldier..."


(When they're no longer useful to the corp, usually when they're too sick to work or they're acting out too much. @ProfessorPigeon )

Eerie | Creepy | Surreal | Uncanny | Strange | Macabre | 不気味 | Mystérieux…

"Let him go girls! " Jenna says glaring at them all. Slowly they back away from him leaving him all tied up. Quickly Jenna rushes over and cuts off the bonds. "Sorry about that" she smiles "they can get a little harsh"


"Bajo el puente de Artur El Rojo, en su río, no existía la derrota."