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"What are you doing to her?!" He screamed, thrashing against his chains. The cold, hard metal ripped the delicate skin on his wrists, but he didn't care. His captor laughed, "They put her in the flood chamber; she will drown within the hour."

...."It wasn't that he was ready to die..he wasn't. but he had fought with everything inside his soul for longer than he could remember and he had no more strength to resist what he now knew to be inevitable..."

(When they're no longer useful to the corp, usually when they're too sick to work or they're acting out too much. @ProfessorPigeon )



They were relentless; every time he thought they were done, they came up with another way to torture him. soon his body was going to give out. Whether that would be before or after his soul died, he had yet to tell.

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"I'm so sorry...," he whispered. "It's ok," she murmured sadly, "Rest now soldier..."

モデルは、インスピレーションをもたらします,ラ·インスピレーション,インスピレーションを書く,失望,地下に,それのような,Mariell Amelie,Corridor Stairs,Stairwell

Ilvy Njiokiktjien : Prepared To Flee