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Statue of a woman wearing a transparent chiton, girt high, a himation and elaborate sandals, she wears an armlet on the left arm and bracelet on the wrist found in Piraeus, 1st century BC, National Archaeological Museum of Athens

National Treasure of Japan, Asura statue : Nara period (710-794), property of Kofuku-ji Temple 興福寺-阿修羅像(国宝)

Jacques-Augustin Pajou (Jacques Augustin Pajou)

Contemporary Art

Flying Nike (Victory) Greek East Greece Hellenistic Period, 2nd century B.C. Myrina, Aeolis, Asia Minor

Crouching Aphrodite (Venus Accroupie), a second century marble sculpture of the Imperial Roman Era, based on an original Greek statue of 3rd Century BC, height: 71 cm (27 ¾ in.), from the collection of Louis XIV, now in Musée du Louvre, Paris, France

Roman marble Aphrodite - circa 1st-2nd c AD - at the Christie's collection, London

年賀状2017 No.17: Flamingo 2017

“Autumn” - John William Godward c. 1900