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A German soldier wearing winter garment and a bearskin hat in the vicinity of Rostov-on-Don, winter of 1942-43 — a photograph that amply conveys the temperatures soldiers had to endure during the winter season on the Eastern Front.

German soldiers with machine gun MG-42 on the Eastern Front.

MACVSOG elite soldier in the Vietnam war

Hauptmann Erich Röseke, commander 9th Battalion, Jäger Regiment 1 "Brandenburg". As a first lieutenant he was involved in heavy fighting on the Eastern front: "As battalion leader, First Lieutenant Röseke held the Apatin bridgehead in November of 1944 in hard defensive fighting against the Soviets who had crossed the Danube. Through his steadfastness he prevented their immediate further penetration to the west." For this he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross on 14 April 1945.

The statue of a soldier from WWII Outside the D-Day Museum at Portsmouth.

Gebirgsjäger with an MG.34 in Saltdal, Nordland. 24th May 1940

German soldier riding a motorcycle in the snow of the Eastern Front in temperatures as low as minus 40 °C, February 18, 1942. S)

Two freezing Germans, the one carrying a MG-34 light MG, somewhere on the Eastern Front. The machine gunner wears alight weather smock, his comrade in just a greatcoat. Great numbers of German soldiers froze to death because they stepped into Russia without proper winter clothing.