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The Scaled Composites Pond Racer (Company designation Model 158) was a twin-engine twin-boom aircraft developed for Bob Pond by Burt Rutan and his company Scaled Composites.Bob Pond commissioned the design with the idea of developing a modern aircraft that could compete with the vintage warbirds in the Unlimited Class at the Reno air races. At full throttle the plane's fuel ran short while at a reduced throttle it just couldn't keep up with the thoroughbreds.

Northrop Grumman F-24 Tomcat 2 Naval Advanced Tactical Fighter (NATF) 1988-1991 Due to Congressional intervention, the US Navy agreed to evaluate a navalized version of the US Air Force's Advanced ...

Chance Vought F4U Corsair | Flickr : partage de photos !


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カプロニ スティパ 1932 for jet airplane

The Swift Light.. Not only can you run off a mountain with this a rigid-wing lighweight glider.. You can also opt for the 4-stroke motor version.. so you can take off from a flat runway with as little as 50 meters.. Once you've caught your thermal and are heading upward.. the propeler folds up into an aerodynamic tail shape.. and you're off to gliding with the birds.. Awesome!