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pacific green sphinx moth Arctonotus lucidus. Host plants are Camissonias and Clarkias (Onagraceaes).

Pandorus Sphinx Moth....there was one in my garage...I would have rather seen an axe murderer in there...seriously

 どっちかっていうと縁起物に見えなくもない全身が真っ白で鳥の羽のような美しい細工の翅(はね)を持つ蛾が存在する。ヨーロッパで発見された、ホワイトプルームモス(学名: Pterophorus pentadactyla)だ。 

Footman Moth, China


The Death’s-head Hawk moth, found throughout Africa, is a moth with a serious claim to fame. He got his start in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, then went on to leading roles in both The Silence of the Lambs and The Mothman Prophecies. This famous moth gets its name from the scull-shaped pattern on the thorax, and has the unusual ability to emit loud squeaks when irritated.

Katydid Nymph (Olcinia or Sathrophyllia sp., Cymatomerini, Pseudophyllinae, Tettigoniidae) by John Horstman…

Luna Moth | by khasan



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