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Lespugue Goddess, replica of a famous figurine found in France, 24,000 to 26,000 years old. Found in a cave used by ancient people

Clay Venus Jomon (Goddess of the Mask) - 5000 years - from Chino, Japan ~ Compare to the Valdivia pottery style people of Ecuador.

Dolni Vestonice | c. 29,000- 25,000 BCE

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: Goddess Of Love #Altar #Statue.

The Oldest (known) Human Image The Great Mother, most ancient goddess, shaped from rock by our ancestors 1/4 million to 3/4 million years ago. Until the past few decades, the famous Willendorf Goddess, carved of bone 30,000 years ago, was held to be the earliest human-crafted work of art and veneration. The Acheulian Goddess predates Willendorf by an amazing quarter-million years, and may be as old as 800,000 years!It is remarkable to note the similarities

Chino, Nagano, Japan, c. 2000 B.C.E. detail

Venus of Lespugue. 24,000 - 22,000 years old. found in a cave called Rideaux in Lespunge, France in 1922. 6" tall. Mammoth ivory.

The Jomon Venus of the National Treasure from the Tanabatake site, Japan. 1500~2500 BCE. What a interesting artifact.

Ancient Egyptians believed the tears of the goddess Isis made the Nile overflow each year. They celebrated the flood, which happened twice annually, with a festival called the “Night of the Tear Drop.”