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Tecnofobi a scuola, una specie in via di estinzione -

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SOLVED: Decades-Old Dinosaur Mystery

Mysterious Dinosaur Bone Damaged In WWII Identified, Recreated By 3D Printer

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Spectacular Video Lets You Fly Around Ceres

Fly Around Ceres In This Dramatic New NASA Video


Neat little animation of our solar system in action…

The Solar System in action. (animated)

You'd see dinosaurs!

T. Rex Tooth Fragment Shows Dinosaur Hunted Live Prey, Wasn't Just A Scavenger


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Every single satellite orbiting the Earth / via vuokko

Sphenodiscus lenticularis, Fox Hills Formation, South Dakota. Late Cretaceous (~ 70 mya). Both sides of this handsome specimen display the extraordinarily intricate suture patterns that are characteristic of this species. Also evident is part of the beautifully iridescent nacreous layer. A laterally flattened ammonite, this animal is thought to have been a relatively fast swimmer.


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Twitter / JonathanMarcot: Jurassic dinosaurs from the ...