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A cloud formation that some believe looked a lot like Jesus' face was spotted over the English Channel, and photographer Terry Buckman took a picture of it.

This is a sylph erasing a chemtrail...


angels in clouds

Face of Jesus in the clouds

A “cloud angel” rose over South Florida on the day that a new pope was named at the Vatican. Though some would prefer to believe it’s a miracle, experts say it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon. “Pareidolia” is a combination of Greek words that essentially means “wrong shape.” It’s the same phenomenon that gives rise to the Face on Mars, or Mickey Mouse on Mercury. In the case of the cloud angel, the religious connection was heightened by the coincidence of the papal conclave.

Two Traveling Angels

Angelic Cloud Formations.

『天使と龍』が降臨したとしか思えない、美しい雲 21選+1 – grape [グレープ] – 心に響く動画メディア

Faces in clouds. This pin was already accompanied by the caption "Jesus".

Angelic cloud formation