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Leopard Frog Weather Vane, Leaping by West Coast Weather Vanes. This unique…

☜(◕¨◕)☞ Brave (Indian) with Arrow Weathervane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This handcrafted, custom made copper Native American weather vane was made with optional gold leaf.

Old Chinese Copper Rabbit Clock.


See This Little Blue Frog? You're About To Learn More From Him Than Ever Thought Possible.

Eu jah vi um rosinha desse tamanho, eu sai correndo de medo


Igor Siwanowicz – Macros (IV

▲ Mountain World Veiled Chameleon


Train Weathervane

Features: -Weathervane. -Hand cast in rust free aluminum. -Fits most pitched roofs or cupolas. -Use on a 24" - 30" cupola, 2 car garage or medium size home. -Base and arrow finish: Satin Black.

Texas designated the Texas horned lizard (also known as the Horned Toad)…

Cat playing with Hummingbird and Reeds on Weathervane Directional by West Coast Weather Vanes. This all copper handcrafted cat weathervane features glass eyes and brass whiskers.

Snapping Turtle Weather Vane by West Coast Weather Vanes. This particular turtle weathervane was made with a copper body and shell and brass terrain under its feet. However, because each weathervane is made to individual order, customers can select what combination of metals we use when we make their weather vane. We actually order custom glass eyes to give the “Snapper” a more life like appearance.