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Koreaceratops hwaseongensis_20140819.jpg

Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis

Sauroposeidon_Herbivorous dinosaur of Sauroposeidon Sauroposeidon Cretaceous 30m. Sauropods of the largest. Rather than Brachiosaurus include, but are said to members of Tita Bruno Dinosaur form class.

Tyrannosaurus rex taking a walk in search of prey

Titanosaurus_Herbivorous dinosaur of about 12m~18m Tita Roh Dinosaur Titanosaurus Late Cretaceous. Was discovered it is only partial skeleton of ribs and vertebrae of the rear fuselage. It is estimated that had armor made of a skin on the back bone.

Velociraptor Art

Herbivorous dinosaur of about 2.5m Unai Dinosaur Unaysaurus Late Triassic Brazil. Is one of the oldest dinosaur fossils in good condition has been discovered.

Dilophosaurus lived in a time 200 million years ago. Its crest on it's head was most likely used for mating displays. With efficient knife like teeth and sharp claws it was fast and nimble.

alphynix: “ Moschops is one of the few synapsids that the general public may actually have heard of (aside from Dimetrodon, of course), due to being frequently included in childrens’ books about prehistoric animals, along with being the star of a...