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Jordan Essentials oils are designed to be blended with our multi purpose oil , body lotions, shampoo, and unscented lotion as well. I love using the Lavender at night on my feet to help me relax and get a good night sleep. When your body gets hit with a infection Tea Tree is your best defense. Try our Essential Oils today you will love the natural healthy benefits you will get from them

Jordan Essentials Magnesium Lotion

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#Curbyourhunger! Eating healthy is great, but sometimes you crave foods that aren't that healthy for you. Instead of grabbing those chips and dip, try this #Slender Essential Oil Blend to help curb that #headhunger feeling.

The Lotion Bar started it all and there are so many ways to use it...made with beeswax natural oils, your hands and feet will be incredibly soft. This is shown in Essential Oils Happiness fragrance only $10

Cedarwood- Himalayan

Many of us are stronger than we may realize. Life can toss hardships at us but somehow we survive, we keep pressing forward. Himalayan Cedarwood was thought to be indestructible for centuries and thro

Essential Oils by Jordan Essentials

Clean with safe, natural products using JE 100% Pure Essential Oils! Mix 1 cup water and 1/4 cup white vinegar (naturally antibacterical!) in an empty spray bottle with 10-20 drops of Jordan Essentials Lavender essential oil (natural antiseptic properties) and 10-20 drops of Jordan Essentials Orange essential oil for a wonderful citrus fragrance!

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Jordan Essentials Aluminum Free deodorant is the healthy, natural choice for your skin...Plant based science removes odor & keeps your body functioning in a healthy way...Oatmeal Milk & Honey is our #1 best selling fragrance for only $12