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The Most Ancient and Magnificent Trees From Around the World

The Most Ancient and Magnificent Trees From Around the World | WIRED

Kapok Tree, Palm Beach, Florida, 2004. Kapoks of this size usually inhabitant the rain forest, but Moon found this one in Florida on a private estate, with roots that rise 12 feet above the ground. | Credit: Beth Moon

Church of Trees, Belgium-Just looking at this picture, I find myself thinking in a whisper!! This looks like the entrance to every secret that ever was!!

Wisteria tree at Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Fukuoka, Japan

Rilke's Bayon, Siem Reap, Cambodia, 2007. Buddhist temples are straddled by the immense trunks of huge ficus trees whose serpentine roots pry apart the ancient stones in a desperate journey to find soil. | Credit: Beth Moon

Shogo Asao."Baobab tree-lined street covered by a dense fog just after sunrise

Avenue of the Baobabs, Elegant in shape and form, these strange and magnificent baobabs seem to rise effortlessly to heights of 98 feet, found only on the island of Madagascar. | Credit: Beth Moon

春の色 by 羽晴琉 いなべ梅林公園 ume (plum) grove Mie,Japan♡

The Great Western Red Cedar of Gelli Au, Llandeilo, Wales, 2006. This grand multi-trunked Great Western Red Cedar is thought to have been planted in 1863. | Credit: Beth Moon