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Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves… then…

Selfish people tend to only be good to themselves… then are surprised when they are alone. - Steve Maraboli


A person who never learned to TRUST

Borderline Personality Disorder

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To all the people along the way who hurt me, lied to me, betrayed me, disappointed me, broke my heart... You unknowingly pointed me in the direction of my own North Star. Without the messes, I wouldn't have a message. You taught me more than you could ever take from me. Thank you.


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Compromise, communication and consistency

this is someting EVERYONE can work on but it dose NOT feel good at all when someone says soemthing mean! :'(

In the end we only regret chances we didnt take.The relationships we were scared to have and the decisions we waited to long to make there comes a time in your life when you realise who matters, who doesnt, who never did and who always will.