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The Infamous Yamaha TZ750 two-stroke -- You better have Popeye arms to keep this monstrosity on the track

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1979 Yamaha TZ750 Racing Motorcycle - Infamously fast, violently powerful - no power band to speak of, just frame bending, instant torque and HP - Buell described his as the power delivery 'like a light switch' when you twisted the throttle

One of the nastiest bikes ever made - Kenny Roberts Two stroke Yamaha TZ750

Kenny Roberts TZ 750

Dale Singleton's Yamaha TZ750

The Yamaha TZ750 is a motorcycle that anyone who watched motorcycle racing during the 1970s will remember well, the machine was an absolute monster and quickly gained a reputation for whitening the face of anyone brave or stupid enough to climb aboard and attempt to set a reasonable lap time.

Yamaha TZ750

KR 750 flat tracker


Yamaha TZ 750 Kenny Roberts Flat Tracker road legal

The most BAD ASS flat track bike. Yamaha TZ750 two-stroke road racing engine wedged into a flat track frame. A bike that was considered unrideable due to its excessive horsepower. Kenny Roberts was famously quoted as saying, "They don't pay me enough to ride that thing" He did win a race riding it.