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You know how it goes. The spoon starts a few feet above his face. An adorable little edible airplane, it is. "Nnnnneeeaaaaooowww heeeeeere it comes, nnneeeaaaaoow nnneaaaoooww, open wiiiiiiide here it

It's dinnertime! Find out when your baby is ready for solid foods, plus the best ways to introduce solids

Somewhere between 3 and 12 months, your baby's teeth will make their grand, grumpy entrance. Here's how to read the symptoms of teething along with remedies to ease your baby's discomfort.

These classic games are still around for a reason — they're perfect!

It's easy to get frantic when it's late at night, your little one isn't quite herself and you're wondering what to do. The good news is, oftentimes you can safely treat your little one at home. Here are five of the most common symptoms of illness, and whe

Summary: Babies who were weaned by mixing vegetable puree into milk and then baby rice ate more vegetables than those who had plain milk and baby rice. Small amounts of mixed-in vegetable puree helped

Beam me up, Mom! Flashlight games are simple, fun, and fantastic for learning.

Following this guide will help you set up a solid-food feeding schedule so your baby is happy to dig in.

You can't control whether your baby is a naturally "good" sleeper, but you can help her reach her full sleep potential.

How to make baby food -

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