Jordan Kahn, XIV by Michael Mina: Concorde Grape: Concorde Grape Sorbet with Crispy Angels Food Cake, Angostura Bitters Pearls, Orange Blossom Tapioca, Orange Blossom Bavarian Spheres, and Concorde Grape Bubbles

Jordan Kahn, XIV by Michael Mina: Strawberry: Strawberries with Elderflower Merengue, White Chocolate Sphere filled with Frais de Bois Puree, Cacao Fruit Sorbet, Violet Sauce, and Beet Genois

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Blackberry Caviar, Coconut Mousse, Coconut Crumb, Coconut Yolk, Blackberry Puree

petit strawberry cake

Textures of Okinawa Potato Dessert, blackberry and raspberry. Ingredients: blackberry, raspberry & Okinawa sweet potato preserve, blackberry & raspberry mousse, raspberry crispy, blackberry meringue, okinawa potato chips, okinawa sweet potato purée, raspberry espuma, port reduction, blackberry and raspberry sorbet

Food design

Raspberry dessert from Daniel Roos book


Japanese Yuzu Yart with Lychee Sorbet, Coffee Crumble, Condensed Milk Coulis, and Puffed Rice - Pastry Chef Renae Herzog

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