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oh the amount of people in high school who asked if I hated them when they passed me in the hall.... no I just honestly was TO MYSELF and never saw you!!

fariedesign: Repression: the psychological act of excluding desires and impulses from one’s consciousness. fd on tumblr l fd on facebook strange sign


One of my mantras is, "Never take 'no' for an answer." However, this does NOT apply to relationships. It only applies to goals. For instance, if I happen to pursue a relationship with you (of any kind) and understand that you are not interested, I have NO problem disconnecting immediately. On the other hand, if I am working on a project or trying to get something done, I *will* find a way to get it done. If I don't think it's possible, I won't attempt it. ~KB

And my intuiton is telling me that something is up....

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