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Illuminati puppet

Kendall is wearing the Satanic Baphomet on her dress. Kylie is wearing the same image on her dress. It's all across the front, it's just more subtle but it's plain to see. Who do serve, who are you promoting and whom are you selling out to. God says man cannot serve two masters...Money & fame...You can't promote Satan's Fashion for your own greed for money & fame and serve God also. So which is it?

❥ Rothschild.... the ones behind the evil you see happening in this world right…

Bush (horned hand / satanic salute)

GOOGLE SEARCH: Mass Media Mind Control. Agenda 21. HAARP. Georgia Guidestones. Project Blue Beam. Codex Alimentrius. EMF's Project Garden Plot. Chemtrails. Fluoride & Aspartame Side Effects. Anglo Saxon Mission. Sinkholes. CERN. Cannabis Oil. Vitamin B17. Freemasons. NWO. Illuminati. Project Avalon. MK Ultra. Monarch Programming. Club of Rome. Monsanto. Jesuit Order. Black Pope. Kabbalah. Fake UFO's. Denver Airport Murals. Skull & Bones. 911 Attacks. 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. Federal…

Kanye West mocks Jesus again! Check Out, This is absolutely horrific...and OUR children admire those satanist and sick Illuminati "artists". They are demon possessed (have sold their soul) Illuminati Satanic elite's puppets. This is going worse and worse...!

Signs of witchcraft. Illuminati. Occult. Hollywood originated as a means of brainwashing and mind control to condition us for the New World Order.

One World Order Mastermind. Taking your individual freedoms away. Proud Puppet Man Sugar Daddy of President Obama! One of the most frequent visitors to the White House.