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It's a split second, but LOL at Legolas and Aragorn's faces when Éomer calls Arod and Hasufel from the Éored by name, and they trot right up. They're both standing there like "Did he just....?" "Whaaaaat.....??" Makes me giggle every time. Smallest detail that reinforces why they're called the Horse Lords :)



Every time.

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Now is not the time.



Legolas smiling at Aragorn - they had such a great friendship. And I mean FRIENDship. Nothing more. X[

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Alan Rickman <\3

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(gif) "I think it's always nice that no matter what Legolas is going through, he always has fantastic hair." - Dominic Monaghan


Ginny's face: Don't be an ass. Harry's face: Don't kill me!