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アイヌルのトールキン,トールキンのエルフ,フェア,知的ワル,ベッド,アモールのMio,リング,Tolkien Noldorian,Silmarillion Tolkien

Infamous Noldor: Maedhros eldest son of Feanor..."Maedhros did deeds of surpassing valour, and the Orcs fled before his face; for since his torment upon Thangorodrim his spirit burned like a white fire within, and he was as one that returns from the dead"

HEILBUTH Ferdinand - French (1826-1889] - The Reader (1856) :-) Elijah Wood? :-) ...reincarnation...

luperce: "And Fingon in sorrow took the lordship of the house of Fingolfin and the kingdom of the Noldor; but his young son Ereinion (who was after named Gil-galad) he sent to the Havens." Headcanon based off of the Simarillion version of Gil-Galad's parentage

Fingon and Maedhros

Келебримбор D39 Celebrimbor

Then Celegorm arose amid the throng, and drawing his sword he cried: ‘Be he friend or foe, whether demon of Morgoth, of Elf, or child of Men, or any other living thing in Arda, neither law, nor love, nor league of hell, nor might of the Valar, nor any power of wizardry, shall defend him from the pursuing hate of Fëanor’s sons, if he take or find a Silmaril and keep it. For the Silmarils we alone claim, until the world ends.’

"And Morgoth took the body of the Elven-king and broke it, and would cast it to his wolves; but Thorondor came hasting from his eyrie among the peaks of the Crissaegrim, and he stooped upon Morgoth and marred his face. The rushing of the wings of Thorondor was like the noise of the winds of Manwe, and he seized the body in his mighty talons, and soaring suddenly above the darts of the Orcs he bore the King away." - 'Of the Ruin of Beleriand,' The Silmarillion (Death of Fingolfin)

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