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For Japanese-style or European food, it's also useful to use this for pasta.

Egg Tofu - Taiwanese Food

Curry and rice with Seafood.This food is very famous Japanese food.This pottery is a work of Shinji Akane who is a popular director of Minou-Yaki.

Taiwanese Food grilled fish

When serving food in the Japanese-style, it is considered most beautiful if the food takes up only about 30 percent of the bowl,

Napolitano pasta.This food maybe is Japanese original one.

It is considered with the peak of the Japanese-style dish that color is important. Fundamentally, it constitutes from 3 colors. In this case, it is the blue of a porcelain, and the yellow and green of cooking.

The size is 20x16cm and height is 8.5cm. Since outside of this bowl painted beautiful red, you may use for any without bowl.

This picture is smoked salmon and fresh vegetable in the bowl made by Noritomo Suzuki painted by red color Since the picture drawn inside this bowl is gentle, you may use for what kind of dish.

Since this bowl made by handmade,it is only one all of the world

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