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印度埃洛拉石窟,全球最匪夷所思的建築奇蹟-搜狐博客!!! 有10個頭20隻手的魔王羅波那,是印度史詩《羅摩衍那》的反派主角。

Ellora Caves - mountain of Ellora, by Thomas Daniell (1803).

Cave 21

Kailasa temple, Ellora - Kailasanatha Temple, (Cave 16) view from the top of the rock presents Ajanta and Ellora caves including Kailasa Temple

Kailasa temple at Ellora - Google Search

Kailasa temple also known as Kailasanatha. 1st floor plan. Indian Hindu temple

Ellora Caves - Shiva-Parvati seated on mount Kailash, while Ravana tries to lift it.

my favorite place in Ellora. Ellora cave temples, India. The Vishwakarma (Cave 10) is the only chaitya griha amongst the Buddhist group of caves. It is locally known as Vishwakarma or Sutar ka jhopda "carpenter's hut". UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ellora Caves - Stone carved pillar at Kailash temple