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Oxidation Number: rule: the sum of all oxidation numbers on neutral compounds is 0

Whats the Anode, Cathode, and Salt Bridge?

Using chemistry to clean silver jewelry with a aluminum paper (redox reaction) - tutotial

Free Printable Periodic Table of the Elements (11-page Set of Worksheets)

Free Periodic Table of the Elements + more (12-page Set of Printable Worksheets)

diagram of galvanic cell showing anode and cathode

Activity Series: can be used to predict the outcome of reactions between metals and either metal salts or acids; any metal on the list can be oxidized by the ions of elements below it; in other words, any element on the list will replace another element below it in a single replacement reaction by being oxidized by the other metal or hydrogen atom (from an acid)

redox reactions

Chemistry - How to Name Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Electronegativity: measure of an atom's ability to attract electrons to itself in a covalent bond; noble gases do not form covalent bonds (not electronegative); electronegativity increases as you go right and up on the periodic table; with increasing atomic number, the attraction for electrons increases; electronegativity of atoms increases and size decreases simultaneously

Electronic Configuration Periodic Table