Title: The Young Circus Rider Author: H. Alger Jr. Publication: Henry Coats & Co. Publication Date: 1889

books0977: The Mary Frances Story Book or, Adventures Among the Story People. Jane Eayre Fryer. Illustrated by Edwin John Prittie. The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, 1921. "If only — " whispered Mary Frances to herself, as she closed the book that she had been reading, “if only one could find the ‘enchanted island,’ and the ‘hidden treasure of stories’ — I wish — I wish the story told me how to get there!"

Favorite Fairy Tales, vintage children's book - A Big Golden Book

Book Cover: Louis Gonse, L'art gothique Design: Eugène Grasset (1845-1917), Type: René Wiener (1855-1939) around 1898 Nancy book cover with leather inlay 40 x 32 x 6.5 cm From versatile Eugène Grasset the Entwurfszeichung dates for this unique book cover. Acquired at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 by René Vienna | Photo: Maria Thrun / MKG

Nathaniel Hawthorne | The Wonder-Book For Girls And Boys, 1884 (Illustrations by F.S. Church)

Uncle Sam Needs a Wife, by Ida Clyde Clark, The John C. Winston Co., Philadelphia, 1925 This book is a plea for feminine advice in running the country.

Ski story for children

The Voyage of the Mary Adair. Frances Crompton. Henry Altemus Company, Philadelphia, 1900. From a set of children’s stories published...

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'My Garden in Summer' 1914- from The Garden Books by Edward Augustus Bowles

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