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Nakano Styling Wax Series has seven line-ups and Nakano Styling Wax 2 is a normal type, suitable for all types of hairstyles. Nakano wax is widely popular in Japan, offering three brands with 29 kinds of waxes. It also has UV protection and moisturizing effect. Producer: Nakano Country of manufacturing: Japan Weight: 90g Hold: Normal type

KAO Success Shampoo Brush Normal Type

GLICO Pocky Day Special - 4 Pocky Boxes -

Buy in bulk, save and continue to seek inner beauty with KAO Asience Inner Rich Moist Type #Shampoo. This product is designed to cater for the needs of thick, dry, damaged, perm-treated hair. Asience Inner Rich Moist Type Shampoo contains camellia oil and ginseng extract that help retain moisture and restore suppleness within the hair follicle. Camellia oil has long been used in Asia as a wonder ingredient to nourish the hair and skin. #KAO #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan

#KAO Asience Inner Rich Moist Type Shampoo REFILL 380ml #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan

#SANYO makes cotton buds with safety and security in Japan. Baby #Cotton Buds Slim Type are safe and reliable and designed for small babies. Feel safe with made in Japan cotton buds for your babies. Producer: Sanyo Country of Production: Japan Amount: 250 buds Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, where baby ears are taken care of with the most safe cotton buds.#Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan

#KAO – Merit #Shampoo #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan

#DEJAVU Lash Knockout Extra Volume Film Type Dynamite Brown is one of Japan's best selling mascaras. Enjoy the magic of Dejavu mascara. Producer: Dejavu Country of Production: Japan Colour: Dynamite Black Delivery: Directly from Japan #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan

Give yourself a perfect whip in the morning! Shiseido Perfect Whip is one of the most popular facial cleaning forms in Japan. It's colour-free and passed the allergy test. Producer: Shiseido Country of Production: Japan Amount: 120g Delivery: Directly from Tokyo #SHISEIDO #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapa

#Japan’s amazing #hairstyling products – for men! #Japan #Takaski #MadeInJapan