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HELLO KITTY Gamaguchi Purse - Sakura Series Made in Japan

Hello Kitty Gamaguchi Coin Wallet is stylish, cute and functional. While the main colour is black, the pink sakura creates femininity and the feel of spring. Gamaguchi is a traditional Japanese style purse, known for its functionality. Made in Japan and licensed by Sanrio, this purse is a 100% genuine Hello Kitty product. It comes in a pink box. Producer: Sanrio Country of Production: Japan Size: 8.5 x 3 x 8cm Material: Deerskin Delivery: Directly from Tokyo, where Hello Kitty enjoys…

GLICO Pocky Day Special - 4 Pocky Boxes -

Hello Kitty x THE KISS 2015 Limited Version is a perfect gift for Hello Kitty fans around the world. The Hello Kitty face and heart necklace is made of silver 925 (pink gold coated) containing diamond and cubic zirconia (fancy yellow, tourmaline rose and red dark). It comes in a cute box and a special shopping bag. Dispatch is usually 5 days after an order is made, so hurry and order this special gift for your special somebody. Producer: Sanrio Country of Production: Japan Size: Pendant…

Nanbu-Tekki meets Hello Kitty in Iwate Prefecture, creating a must-have teapot for all Hello Kitty fans around the world. Nanbu-Tekki has a history of 900 years, originating in Morioka City and Mizusawa, Oshu City, in Iwate. Each piece is handmade by skilled craftsman using traditional techniques and materials that are sourced from local areas. Nanbu Tekki requires a process of 64 to 68 different steps to completion. To become an ironware maker, one must go through 15 years of…

Randoseru School Backpack Handmade in Japan


Miss ramen you had in Japan? Maruchan Seimen series is very close to 'real' ramen that you might have enjoyed at ramen restaurants in Japan. Tonkotsu taste is one of the most popular ramen flavours. Try Japan's top ramen brand and discover the amazing quality that Japanese instant noodles offer to the world. Producer: Toyo Suisan Country of Manufacturing: Japan Amount: 105g (noodles 80g) x 5 servings Delivery: Directly from Tokyo

OMGEE, I LOVE this mug! ~ Namaste Thank you @Lauren Davison Davison With an H for sending me this!


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