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Diego Rivera mural in the National Palace, Mexico City

Diego Rivera - Mural: The Grand Tenochtitlan, Palacio Nacional de Mexico - The Marketplace Tlatelolco:Rivera's marketplace is "an encyclopedic presentation of the multiple products, services, activities, and personages to be seen at the great Aztec marketplace. Presided over by an enthroned official, all is calm and orderly in the market. Tribute and sacrifice victims were brought to Tenochtitlan from the subject people


Diego Rivera 'Flower Vendor' Framed Canvas Art

"Cargador de Flores," Diego Rivera, 1935

Gustav Klimt, The kiss.(1079×1080)

The Learned - Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera mural City Club San Francisco

Franz Kline - Orange Outline, 1955

Diego Rivera's Murales, National Palace, Mexico City