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k-a-t-i-e-: Children running through the rain in a street of Xingping, 1980 Bruno Barbey

two children of the mochida family awaiting bus to take them to an internment camp in 1942.

1913 - After parcel post service was introduced in 1913, at least two children were sent by the service. With stamps attached to their clothing, the children rode with railway and city carriers to their destination. The Postmaster General quickly issued a regulation forbidding the sending of children in the mail after hearing of those examples.

Ansel Adams: School children at Manzanar (Japanese-American Internment Camp), 1943

Kotori Kawashima

London in the 1920's-street toy sellers, Holborn

Nassau Street, Fitzrovia, London in 1953.

A man convicted of murder is imprisoned in a wooden cage on a street in China. He will be left to die of thirst,starvation and exposure. Circa 1930

Orthopedics; feet of Chinese woman, bound, compared with tea cup and American woman's shoe. World War 1 era.

Chang Woo Gow (c.1845-1893),;the Chinese Giant - Born in Pekin in 1841 grew to a height of 7'8.75" (235.5 cm). Billed as The Chinese Giant, he travelled the world, renowned for his intelligence and knowledge (he spoke six languages) as much as for his height. Chang Woo Gow finished his life the proprietor of a tea room and ‘Oriental Bazaar’ in Bournemouth, a resort on the south coast of England, where he was buried in 1893.

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