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紫菜 - Zǐcài - rong biển - dried seaweed sheets


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你最喜欢的树是哪种?:) What's your favorite kind of #tree?

王韻壹 -《人生若只如初見》

聲母韻母歌(b-p-m-f song version to learn the sounds of Chinese) via chuenyuen2pt :: 聲母sheng1mu3- initial consonant, 韻母yun4mu3- medial/final of a syllable, 歌ge1- song

English vocabulary | Words to use more often

Learn Chinese .Teach Chinese. 紐約。教中文。筆記。: 創意中文自製教學遊戲二

一块橡皮擦/一塊 橡皮擦 (yī kuài xiàng pí cā): an eraser | View More Chinese Flashcards at…

Learn Chinese .Teach Chinese. 紐約。教中文。筆記。: 書法與中文字 紐約大都會博物館的特展與專題演講

Flashcard tiếng Trung - Flashcard chữ Hán - Flashcard Hán ngữ - Chinese Flashcard - Hanzi Flashcard - Mandarin Flashcard - Learn Chinese Flashcard - Thẻ học từ vựng Flashcard bộ thủ #FlashcardtiếngTrung #FlashcardHánTự #HanziFlashcard #ChineseFlashcard #MandarinFlashcard #ChineseCharacterFlashcard #ChinesePoster