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dinner on Fri. 6 Feb. 2015: beef steak with grated Daikon & Ponzu, soup with Kon’nyaku, Enoki mushroom & Mizuna, rape blossoms by Japanese mustard sauce, vinegrated Mozuku seaweed, pickled radish then green tea

dinner on Wed. 11 Feb. 2015: beef steak with grated Daikon by Ponzu, sweet-sour braised pumpkin, rape blossoms with soy sauce added Japanese mustard Mozuku seaweed salad with vinegar soy sauce dressing, pickled Chinese cabbage, red wine

dinner on Sun. 15 Feb. 2015: grilled yellow tail, braised pumpkin & Kon’nyaku with kelp, tofu with sesame sauce & Shiso, pickled red radish & Dakikon sprouts, pain de campagne, red wine, caciocavallo from Hokkaido, then green tea

dinner on Sun. 15 Mar. 2015: soft cod roe with grated Daikon & Ponzu, boiled firefly squid with mustard vinegar sauce, platter of Sashimi, home-pickled cucumber & Daikon, Sukiyaki ☞ beef, raw egg, Shirataki, Fu, Chinese cabbage, burdock, Shiitaké, red wine, sake

dinner on Wed. 4 Mar. 2015: sautéed oyster with butter & soy sauce, braised Okara with vegetables, shiitaké, Shirataki, sakura shrimps, miso soup with potato & Wakamé seaweed pickled Daikon, sake then sesame & soy milk pudding, green tea The stomach doesn’t work, I feel heavy.

dinner on Mon. 2nd Mar. 2015: braised pumpkin, beef, Kon’nyaku, Aburaagé & kelp, boiled rape blossoms by Japanese mustard & soy sauce, miso soup with Maikaté mushroom & Japanese leek, pickled radish, red wine then green tea

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dinner on Mon. 9 Feb. 2015: grilled yellowtail, Nikujaga(braised beef, potato, Aburaagé, Kon’nyaku, onion & kelp, boiled spinach by soy sauce & Dashi, miso soup with Enoki mushroom, pickled Daikon by kaki, red wine then green tea

dinner on Tue. 10 Feb. 2015: beef yogurt curry with tofu, Shirataki, celery, Japanese leek, ginger & garlic, rice added 10 kinds of grains, avocado & cucumber salad with yogurt tomato sauce, grilled king trumpet mushroom with parsley, Cava, then cheese & buckwheat tea Just cooking is boring but it’s fun to cook to complete a puzzle of a meal to satisfy me. Today’s curry is my new standard.

dinner on Tue. 17 Feb. 2015: braised oysters with Syujngiku & Japanese leek, Nikujaga with beef, potatoes, carrot, burdock, onion, shiitaké, Kon’nyaku, Aburaagé, pickled Chinese cabbage & Daikon, miso soup with Naméko mushroom, sake then green tea