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Blossom - OLED Light - Blackbody

Blossom - OLED Light - Blackbody - Do Shop

Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

O.Loop - OLED Light - Blackbody


Pendant paper lamp

Handmade pendant lamp with origami process. Higth-quality paper, specially used…

I.Rain 61 - OLED Light - Blackbody


I.Rain Montgolfiere - OLED Light - Blackbody

There is a moment when a clinging bead of water, in quiet orb-like suspension, becomes a droplet. The droplet reflects its surroundings while gathering light within. There is a moment when molten glass transforms from liquid to solid. This instant of transition is accompanied by an emission of beautiful light. Momento freezes that moment of ephemeral beauty and turns it into a source of light. The elliptical shadow, folding over itself, captures the glassmaker’s spinning technique....

Dispersion I.Rain - OLED Light - Blackbody