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Takeda Castle Ruin, Japan 竹田城跡

EXACTLY!!!!!!! Is that too much to ask for? Why don't people get this??? (Venus & Mars in Cancer)

Logo Designer on Etsy waves pulled softly by the waxing and waning of the moons soft light


駒つなぎの桜|セルシオアップのjtです。( ̄ー ̄)vマイブームは一眼です。|ブログ|jt|みんカラ - 車・自動車SNS(ブログ・パーツ・整備・燃費)

駒つなぎの桜 Ancient cherry tree in Sonohara, Achi, Nagano, Japan where warlord Yoshitsune Minamoto once tethered his horse about 500 years ago. Some types of cherry trees are very long-lived, like this Edohigan, some estimated at 2000 years old.

Black and White Más Información del Turismo de Navarra España: ☛ #NaturalezaViva #TurismoRural ➦ ➦ ☛ ➦ ☛ ➦ ☛ ➦ ☛ ➦ ☛ ➦