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Planet Venus

Jupiter is the largest planet in Earth’s solar system and has 63 moons encircling it. The planet is a giant ball of gas and liquid.

Earth from Space

Venus is one unique planet when it comes to rotational motion. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to completely rotate on its axis, but just 225 days to orbit the sun. Venus also is one of two planets that rotates in reverse, a phenomenon called retrograde motion, which according to most theories is due to an ancient planetary collision.

国立天文台のHP - 2004年6月8日の「金星の太陽面通過」の写真

Planet Venus

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula Image Credit: The Hubble Heritage Team

El interior de la Luna

「昨夜の月と金星」 ツイッターにアップされた素晴らしい写真 12選

Moon & Venus

Kepler telescope: Earth-sized planets 'number 17bn'

This artist's illustration represents the variety of planets being detected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Scientists now say that one in six stars hosts an Earth-size planet. CREDIT: C. Pulliam & D. Aguilar (CfA)