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Kepler telescope: Earth-sized planets 'number 17bn'

This artist's illustration represents the variety of planets being detected by NASA's Kepler spacecraft. Scientists now say that one in six stars hosts an Earth-size planet. CREDIT: C. Pulliam & D. Aguilar (CfA)

Earth from Space

Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status in 2006, joining Eris, Haumea, Makemake and Ceres.

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula Image Credit: The Hubble Heritage Team


Astronomy; The Planet Venus - Facts and Photos

The Planet Venus


「昨夜の月と金星」 ツイッターにアップされた素晴らしい写真 12選

Moon & Venus

Jupiter is the largest planet in Earth’s solar system and has 63 moons encircling it. The planet is a giant ball of gas and liquid.

国立天文台のHP - 2004年6月8日の「金星の太陽面通過」の写真