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World War 1 Poster (American)

Tell that to the Marines

Tell that to the Marines! At 24 E 23rd Street. An angry man takes off his suit jacket in reaction to the newspaper headline "Huns kill women and children!" WWI recruiting poster for the Marines. Illustrated by James Montgomery Flagg, circa 1918.

Pear’s {soap} Annual, Christmas 1899.

Pritzker Military Library | The Marines Have Landed!

Fairy tales.

American poster, 1942: "Let's go get 'em! U.S. Marines"

WW2 propaganda comic book cover

This Marines recruiting poster was created by Vic Guinness, who was a captain in the Marines. It was not uncommon to find officers working as artists for their branch during World War II, mostly by creating recruiting posters or illustrating branch literature. The bright colors used in this poster are quite a contrast from the muted tones popular on World War I posters. Pritzker Military Library | Let 'Em Have It - U.S. Marines

The United States joins the first world war in 1917, three years after it starts and one year before it ends

Hank Aaron for LOOK Magazine, 1955

This poster shows U.S. Marines raising flag at Iwo Jima. It was created in 1945 by Cecil Calvert Beall for the 7th war loan.