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KEG Apartments Transform Liquid Container Trucks Into Mobile Houses

Aristide Antonas - recycling old trucks


ムーミンの家 (sorry, can not translate to english ... but, is a cool house with a 'living' roof)

Look at this underground house in Switzerland.

house in Switzerland. 元カレがこんなおうちを建てたいって模型を作ってくれたなぁ。実際地下のおうちがあるなんて行ってみたいな。

"Mobile House" - Created by Kyohei Sakaguchi in Japan. Designed within a parking space of a car and with mobility.

Stunning Arc #House by Maziar Behrooz #Architects

Insolite; Architecture. Tokyo. Designer : Sou Fujimoto.

photo tumblr_m354c8M2jf1qi8z68o1_500_zpsc208a4f5.jpg

Houston, TX

nice prefab/modular home

15 Gravity-Defying Homes From Around the World

Living in a tilted house is much easier than it looks—just ask the people living in these the Kijk-Kubus cube homes. Architect Piet Blom tipped a conventional house forty-five degrees and rested it upon a hexagon-shaped pole so that three sides face down and the other three face the sky. Each of the cube houses accommodates three floors: a living space including a kitchen, study and bathroom, the middle floor houses bedrooms and the top is the pyramid room that can act like an attic or…