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Exhibit 26: SINCLAIR ZX80 1980. The ZX80 was the first computer in the UK available for less than a hundred pounds. Encased in a white plastic-molded chassis with a single-piece membrane keyboard, it had far fewer parts than comparable machines. The simplicity and reasonable price of the machine gave many people access to their first computer.

To go in my games room - got to remember the beginning (ZX80)

Sinclair ZX80 computer (1980)

MICROACE MicroAce A few months after Sinclair released its ZX-80, Microace of Santa Ana, California launched a clone of this computer. It was exactly the same machine, but a minor modification made that it could be expanded to 2 KB of RAM. The internal ROM was also a pure copy of the Sinclair's original. Sinclair thus sued Microace but met with large difficulties because the judge couldn't seee the ROM content!

TANGERINE MICROTAN 65 This computer is what is the ZX-80 to the ZX-Spectrum, but for the Oric 1. Tangerine developped this computer before they became Oric and produced the Oric-1. It was mainly sold in kit, without the complete keyboard shown in the photo, but with a little hexadecimal keyboard. The unextended Microtan 65 couldn't use Basic (Basic65) due to its RAM limitation (1kb), so only machine-code was usable.

Dataman Designs Menta Designed by Barry Savage, the Menta looks like a Sinclair ZX-80 or ZX-81 clone, but it's not. It's rather a development tool and initiation machine based on a Z80A processor. The concept is to help you understand how a Z80A works. The system itself is very similar to a Sinclair ZX-80 with its flat membrane keyboard. But when you look closer, you notice that the keybord is not quite usual like a QWERTY one for example.

From Altair to iPad: 35 years of personal computer market share

Sinclair ZX-80, ZX-81 - The Sinclair Spectrum was the UK's equivalent of the Commodore 64.

GRUNDY NEW BRAIN "When the NewBrain was announced to the world, in 1980, the design concept was significantly in advance of anything that had been seen in the field of handheld computing." (Dick Pountain - Personal Computer World) In fact, the company that created it, Newburry Labs, sold the desing to its current owner, Grundy Business Systems Ltd. It also seems that a small part of the original design came from Sinclair Radionics which designed later the ZX-80.

Sinclair ZX80 ZX 80 vintage collectable computer Australian Edition

Sinclair ZX80 ZX 80 computer Australian Edition.